Waterless Fire Suppression

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Waterless Fire Suppression Systems

Engineered waterless fire suppression systems are design-specific for certain types of high-value areas such as IT areas, computer clean rooms, vaults, heirloom storage warehouses, industrial paint lines, dip tanks, electrical switch rooms, marine and land vehicle applications.

The system uses a clean agent designed to be discharged to protect high-value assets or equipment in mission-critical areas.

How Do Waterless Fire Suppression Systems Work?

A smoke detection or air sampling device will detect particles of combustion from an impending fire situation. When the combustible particles ae detected the advance notification system would go into action, and at the same time, the system will quickly discharge the clean agent into the room. Within ten seconds the impending fire will be out, reducing or eliminating the damage to costly equipment.

What Type of Areas are Best Suited for This System?

Data centers, server/IT rooms, MDF rooms, MRI equipment, telecom rooms, chemical labs, and electrical cabinets are the areas where engineered waterless fire suppression systems should be used.

Vehicles, record storage, test chambers, utility vaults, evidence labs, CNC machines, grinders, server cabinets, flammable material storage and museums are also well suited for the systems.

Be Informed

The fire suppression professionals at Benson Systems can help you make informed decisions based on our decades of experience while implementing the latest best practices.

Increasing Security

We can also help you increase security for your high-value areas by adding access control systems, intrusion systems, and security cameras systems.

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