Standard Warranty and Support

Benson Systems provides a Standard Warranty and Support Program for equipment installed by Benson Systems for all new projects.

Under the Standard Warranty, all equipment installed by Benson Systems is covered for 12-months.

Under the Standard Warranty, we offer our acclaimed 90-day warranty on labor.

The Standard Warranty does NOT extend to or cover any existing equipment that was utilized as part of the project.

The Standard Warranty does NOT extend to or cover any equipment supplied and provided by others for this project.

Under the Standard Warranty, upon your request for service, Benson Systems agrees to provide our best endeavors response time.

Under the Standard Warranty, all service work is performed during normal business hours, which are M-F hours 8A-5P.

Request for service to be performed on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays is not covered under the Standard Warranty.

Under the Standard Warranty, no emergency call-out service request are covered.

The Standard Warranty will commence when the installation is accepted or when the customer has beneficial use.

During the Standard Warranty period, Benson Systems will replace components deemed to be defective or improperly installed.

The Standard Warranty does not cover or extend to any work required as a result of:

Vandalism, intentional damage or misuse.

Additional product training or user errors.

System adjustments and moves/changes.

Fire, flood or power interruptions.

Unauthorized repairs by another party.

Other factors outside the responsibility and control of Benson Systems

Preferred Service Plan

You may be interested in our Preferred Service Plan (PSP.)  The PSP offers many additional benefits and is a cost effective method of managing service and maintenance expenses. Find our more about our Preferred Service Plan by clicking here: Preferred Service Plan.