Sound Masking System

What is a Sound Masking System?

A sound masking system is a system that generates background sound that will reduce the intelligibility of human speech from a distance and reduce distractions in an office workplace.

Do Sound Masking Systems Block Conversations from Being Overheard?

No, sound masking systems do not block conversations from being overheard, sound masking systems increase the background noise in an area so that private conversations are more difficult to understand. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity, increased privacy and comfort.

Increased Privacy and Production

In recent studies, researchers found that the addition of a sound masking system increased speech privacy from 35% to 90%.  The research also found that workers lost an average of 21.5 minutes each day due to conversational distractions, and 48% of survey respondents reported that conversational distractions were the leading cause of workplace discomfort.

Sound masking systems help workers increase productivity by reducing conversation noise levels and decreasing conversations.

What Type of Background Sound Do You Hear?

The sound masking system generates a sound similar to air coming through an air conditioning vent, or the sound of air while traveling on an airplane.

Can We Make One Area Louder Than Another Than Another?

Yes, some of our sound masking systems offer area zoning where one zone can be at a different sound level than another. As an example, in a customer service or sales area, you may want the sound masking levels to be higher, in an effort to keep distractions to a minimum. In the accounting areas, the need for higher sound masking levels may not be required.

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More Information

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