In the world of residential security, the market is changing like never before. People who use their smart phones are able to connect with the security system at their home, while they are half way around the world. The addition of security cameras on the home can help our customers get a visual verification of the happenings around their home as it happens, via their smart phone.

With our new security systems, our customers can have us install thermostats that allow them to adjust the temperature of their home while they are riding in the Uber car on their way to the airport, or as they are sitting in an airport terminal while waiting on their plane to come home.

For example, as I am leaving to go out of town, using my Benson Systems app on my smart phone, I can arm my security system and adjust the thermostat to 85 degrees, all while being driven to the airport. When my trip is finished and I am returning home, I’ll use my Benson Systems app to adjust the thermostat to 76 degrees so the house is cool, and I’ll turn on a few lights in the house so the house is lit up when I arrive home (I hate walking into a dark house!)

Multiple Keypads – A Thing of the Past

In the past, our customers would have us install multiple keypads in their homes so they had convenient access to their security system. Usually, one of the keypads would be installed by the entrance door and the other would be located in the master bedroom area. Today, only one keypad is important (and its location is not terribly important) as our customers are using their Benson Systems app to turn their security system on or off, from any location.

We’ve Been in the Security Industry for 30 Years

Today, it seems that every major company is getting into the security business. The cable companies, the satellite providers, cellular phone providers, utility companies, and the lists of new ‘security providers’ goes on and on.  Keep in mind, these companies are not really in the security business, what they are really interested in is you paying them $50-100 a month after they provide a  very basic security system for your home.

Benson Systems has been in the security business, in Arizona for nearly 30 years, and our focus has  always been on providing our customers with true security systems that will actually provide protection for the families we serve, at an affordable price.

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