Remote Video Surveillance Service

Benson Systems offers remote video surveillance for any of our IP video security camera systems.  Remote video surveillance offers business owners and managers greater peace of mind, significant cost savings and increased safety.

How Remote Video Surveillance Works

We install high-definition IP video security cameras, and audio equipment in high-value asset areas and the exterior of the building.  Using the built-in camera analytics if the security cameras detect movement an email alert is sent immediately to our trained surveillance technicians who will assess the threat to your building.

Upon the observation of a possible threat, the surveillance technicians will engage the person using the audio equipment, and order the person to leave the premise. If the person refuses to leave, or if the surveillance technician sees that the person is committing a crime, the Police or security personnel are dispatched to the location immediately.

Who Benefits from this Service?

1.  Every building owner or business owner who has high-value assets in and around their buildings.

2. Companies that want to reduce the ongoing monthly expense of onsite security guards.

3. Companies that want to provide virtual escorts to their employees when the employees arrive early to or leave late from the office.

Cost Savings

When considering the monthly costs of onsite security guards, our remote video surveillance service offers significant annual savings, and our surveillance technicians can provide video surveillance at multiple locations via the Internet.

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