Preferred and Preferred Plus Service Plans

Delivering a reactive call out service and preventive maintenance schedules are key components to many service plans. However, Benson Systems fully understands the positive impact the right support package can have, and we consider additional factors in all our service plans. The welfare of people, life cycle management and protecting the system investment you have made all feature as advantages by having one of Benson Systems Preferred Service Plans.

Enhanced Service Plans

Our Enhanced Service Plan options are available for all projects installed by Benson Systems, and we extend the same comprehensive plan even if another party installed the system.

Service Plan Details

Each of our Preferred Service Plans offers different levels of safeguards for your system and its life cycle management. Please discuss all of our Plan options with your Benson Systems consultant.

Benson Systems Compliance


Expert industry knowledge for compliance and code is complemented by customizable solutions that provide you with a true value proposition for service.

Budget Planning


We help our customers with their budget planning with a turnkey service program. Maximizing system longevity and a fully inclusive support program with a guaranteed monthly expenditure.