Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance

Need to Have Your Parking Lot Lighting Maintained or Repaired?  We’ll Help Keep Your Customers and Employees Safer

Few things compare with the uneasiness people feel when walking into a dark parking area or garage. Parking lot lighting maintenance should be a top priority for any commercial property manager or commercial building owner.

You want to make sure your employees and customers are safe and feel secure, and we can help you do this by keeping your parking area lighting system performing well.

We Provide Parking Lot Lighting Repairs and Scheduled Maintenance

Whether you need a one time repair, or a scheduled parking lot lighting maintenance plan Benson Systems can help! With our parking lot lighting scheduled maintenance plan customers receive an easy to follow outline (in CAD or PDF form) of the lighting systems on their properties. On each outline we indicate where all fixtures are located.

With each monthly maintenance report, we will indicate which of the bulbs need to be replaced and we will replace the bulbs with long lasting, energy efficient bulbs. Our parking lot lighting maintenance customers are billed for the bulbs that are replaced or repairs that are made to the lighting system.

We can also help with timers and the adjustments of the electric eyes that determine the darkness or brightness level of the day.

Parking lot lighting and electrical repair are just one of more than 40 services we offer our customers, and we would like to be the one company you call for all of your building lighting and electrical repair needs.

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