IP Video Security Camera System

A high definition IP video security camera system can help make your business more secure twenty-four hours per day, and provide peace of mind. You can view the cameras over the Internet from your smartphone or another device.

Why Choose a High-Definition IP Video Security Camera System

Our HD-Pro cameras cover vast areas in large detail, making high-definition IP Video cameras ideal for high traffic areas, such as shopping malls, automobile dealerships, stadiums, churches, and schools.

Our HD-Pro series cameras offer optional self-learning analytics which delivers superior perimeter protection with exceptional object detection and clear image detail.

Our HD-Pro series provide up to 7k video image quality.

Our IP video cameras are truly digital, which means the video will not degrade when transmitted over long distance.

IP Video Camera Intelligence 

 Our HD-IP video cameras have an option for built-in video analytics, and some of our cameras can produce crystal clear images in complete darkness.

Easy to Scale – Add additional security cameras easily as the need arises

Video You Can Actually Use 

High-definition IP video offers best in class, superior image quality, many times greater than CCTV images

Why Choose Benson Systems for Your IP Video Security Camera Needs?

  1.  Benson Systems has been providing reliable and trusted services to our customers for more than 30 years
  2.  We use high-definition IP technology, so your security camera system will record video you can use
  3.  View the cameras from anywhere in the world using your smartphone
  4.  Whatever your specific security camera needs are, Benson Systems can help you design, install, and maintain the security camera system that is right for your business

Complete Your Circle of Protection

Customers who are interested in an IP-Video camera system are also interested in access control systemand intrusion detection systems.

We offer complimentary consultations and quotations on all of the systems we sell. Would you like more information? Please click on the button to the right or call 480-892-8688 or 1-855-339-9585.



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