Intrusion Detection Systems

The most basic need for securing your business is the use of a monitored intrusion detection system (IDS), sometimes referred to as a burglar alarm system. Our intrusion systems deploy a wide range of sensors with false alarm immunity, easy to use keypad interfaces and powerful communication technology that creates high-quality reliable security solutions and remote access using your smartphone.

An IDS can include many areas of your property detecting people jumping over or cutting through a fence, pedestrian, and automatic automobile gates, offices and warehouse door, and motion sensors, in ground pressure sensors and perimeter beam sensors.  All IDS components can be connected to the main alarm system for monitoring and notification.

Benson Systems protects commercial properties of all sizes including automobile dealerships, large warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. We also protect retail and business offices, medical facilities, restaurants and most every other type of business.

Monitoring of Intrusion Detection Systems

All of our systems are monitored at our central station facility in Tempe, Arizona. Our central station facility uses state-of-the-art systems to monitor our client’s intrusion detection and fire alarm systems. Our central station has backup generators in case of power loss and is backed up by another monitoring facility.

Circle of Protection

installing an intrusion detection system is one part of the circle of protection for any business. You may also consider a video surveillance system and an access control system for your business.

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