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Fire Sprinkler System Components
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Fire Sprinkler System Components 2

Fire Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance 

Benson Systems has been installing, maintaining and providing the required inspection services for all types of fire sprinkler systems for more than 30 years.

Our highly trained staff can:

  • Design the system
  • Submit the plans for review and approval with the Authorities Having Jurisdictions (required)
  • Install the fire sprinkler system
  • Tie the system into the fire alarm system for monitoring
  • Meet the inspectors for final inspection
  • Monitor the fire alarm system
  • Provide the required annual inspections
  • Maintain system on an ongoing basis

Benson Systems installs these types of fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems:

  • Wet-automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Foam systems
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Fire hydrants
  • Clean agent systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Wet and dry standpipe
  • Fire hose stations
  • Racks and reels
  • Underground water supply

Whatever your fire suppression or other fire alarm needs are, Benson Systems can help!  Call 480-892-8688 or 1-855-339-9585.

Many people who are interested in fire suppression systems are also interested in Fire Alarm Systems and Alarm Monitoring services.