Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems

Benson Systems offers a large portfolio of fire alarm & life safety systems that produce accurate, and reliable fire detection and event notification. Our fire alarm & life safety systems provide life-saving information at critical moments and are relied upon to help protect people, hotels, healthcare facilities, high-rise office towers, office complexes, restaurants, warehouses, schools, retail stores and many other types of facilities.

Benson Systems has 30 years of experience as a company designing, installing and maintaining fire alarm & life safety systems, and our experts have over 500 years of combined experience. With experience like this, you can trust Benson Systems with all of your fire alarm & life safety needs.

In-House CAD Design

Benson Systems has a full-service in-house CAD design team who can assist with the design and permitting process.

Monitoring the Fire Alarm System

Benson Systems offers alarm monitoring of all fire alarm & life safety systems using the latest in radio and cellular technologies.

Maintaining the Fire Alarm System & Inspections

Maintaining your life safety system is the key to making sure the fire detection system will properly work when needed. Local and National Code require periodic inspections. These Codes as set forth by NFPA, local Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Also, your insurance provider may require more frequent inspections.

Special Training

Upon request, Benson Systems can tailor a training class for your employees on any of our fire alarm, fire suppression & life safety systems.

Fire Suppression & Fire Sprinkler Systems 

Benson Systems has a fire suppression & fire sprinkler division which can design, install and maintain any fire sprinkler or suppression system.

We offer special hazards suppression systems, such as waterless fire suppression systems used in data centers, IDF rooms, electrical rooms and other high-value areas of your business.

Fire Extinguishers

We have a complete line of fire extinguisher systems, and we provide the required inspections on these extinguishers.

Fire Watch

Benson Systems can arrange for a fire watch team if needed.

Circle of Protection

Installing fire alarm & life safety systems is one part of the circle of protection for any business. Those interested in a fire alarm or life safety systems are also interested in video surveillance systems and access control systems. 

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Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems
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