Why Deferred Maintenance on Security Systems Can Be Detrimental

When our sales consultants bring up the topic of maintenance of the systems we install to our customers, the customers typically yawn, and their eyes sometimes glaze over.

However, maintaining the systems we install is critical to the systems’ performance, and those who ignore the importance of maintaining the systems do so at their own peril.

According to a 2016 survey of campus security professionals, more than half of the respondents said their organization’s security cameras were experiencing moderate to significant maintenance issues, and a 2017 survey on access control found that a third of respondents rate their card access maintenance issues as extremely challenging.

What often happens after the installation of security cameras is that no one pays attention to security camera until a year or two later when an incident happens, and security or law enforcement staff members try to review the footage.

When officials try to review the footage, they might find that the security camera does not work properly for one reason or another and this can be detrimental to a victim, and a company in many ways.

Most companies do not track when their security systems need to be serviced and this is why Benson Systems offers our Perfect Service Plan (PSP). Our PSP takes the guess work out of the equipment maintenance equation.

With the PSP plan, all devices we install have a barcode attached to the device. The barcodes are scanned and placed into our scheduled maintenance software. The maintenance software tracks when the equipment needs to be serviced,

Our Customer Service Department will automatically create a service ticket and dispatch a technician to the customer’s facility to perform scheduled maintenance on the installed equipment. This process relieves our customers from the worry of having to maintain the security devices on their own.

Properly maintaining the security equipment will increase the lifespan of the equipment, providing a greater return on the security system investment.

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