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Benson Systems Electronics Restoration Division

Electronics Restoration

Benson Systems Electronics Restoration Division offers cost-effective alternatives that can restore electronics that were damaged by fire, smoke or water.

Beyond being better for the environment, the cost to clean and restore electronics that have been damaged by fire, smoke or water is typically a fraction of the cost to replace the equipment.

We restore all types of electronics from computer systems to office equipment, telephone systems, large televisions, exercise equipment, large household appliances and more.

We restore machinery, medical equipment, and commercial kitchen equipment.

Recapturing Data

When it comes to restoring computer systems, recapturing the data is typically the most critical piece of the restoration process. We have a full-service IT Division with Microsoft Certified technicians who have been very successful at recapturing data on damaged hard drives and then moving the data to new hard drives.

Seamless Process

Our restoration process is a simple one. Call us and we’re on our way! We have a quick response time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can dispatch emergency crews to a location and make a quick assessment of the damaged goods.

Once on site, we’ll  create an inventory of all the electronics we have taken out and prepare a pack out list. We’ll then prepare a quality assurance form for each item, the state of the item when brought in, what chemicals and processes were used to restore the item and then a pack back inventory list.

Equipment Storage

We have a 10,000 SF warehouse where your client’s electronics can be safely stored until their house or business is ready for the systems to be reinstalled. Our teams can also re-install the equipment once the customer is ready for the equipment to be returned.

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