Audio Visual, Boardroom and Sound Masking Systems

Updating the audiovisual systems in boardrooms and meeting rooms has many benefits. Newer equipment can reduce employee frustration when trying to set up a meeting, and the latest technology can help presenters display engaging presentations.

Reduce Travel Costs with Teleconferencing Technology

Video conferencing systems can reduce travel related costs by bringing all parties together from around the world over the Internet. Video conference systems provide a pathway for better overall communication for everyone.

Updating your boardroom and meeting rooms with the latest technology can subtly demonstrate that your company stays up to date with current technology trends, and depending upon what your business offers, staying up to date with current technology is important.

Digital Signage

Digital signage systems can help attendees find a meeting room location, view upcoming events and see advertisements from meeting sponsors. To see more about digital signage, click here: Digital Signage page.

Presentations and Multimedia

Presentations increasingly involve multimedia from multiple sources and having the proper equipment and infrastructure to handle the different multimedia options is critical.

Presenters may also need to pass the presenter baton to someone who is in another office or across the globe. Our audiovisual solutions team can design and install the perfect audiovisual systems that make all of this an easier experience.

Taming the Exposed Cables

Trying to determine which cable connects to which device can be frustrating, especially for a guest presenter who is trying to put their best foot forward.  Benson Systems can install power and data hubs that are built into the boardroom table as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Audio Solutions

A good audio system is essential to a great meeting experience. Wireless microphones, hidden ceiling speakers, and amplifiers help to facilitate a great meeting by enhancing the audible clarity.

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems help keep private conversations private. Benson Systems can design and install a sound masking system for your boardroom. Click here to see our information on Sound Masking.

More Information

If you would like more information on any of our audiovisual systems or if you would like a tour of the Benson Systems building, so you can see firsthand how all of the different technologies can come together, please call 480-892-8688 or 1-855-339-9585.

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