Local Alarm Monitoring

Looking for Local Alarm Monitoring? Look No Further than Benson Systems!

Local Alarm Monitoring in the Phoenix Metro Area

Benson Systems provides security and fire alarm monitoring services for thousands of Arizonans at our local monitoring center in Tempe, Arizona and yes, local monitoring services are better than monitoring services in distant States and/or countries.

Why are local monitoring services better? Because our monitoring center is very aware of things happening right here in Arizona (such as monsoon storms) and they know how to handle the onslaught of calls that will always come in during a storm.

If your alarm systems are monitored by call centers in another state or country, they may not be aware of the challenges in our local area.

Commercial or Residential Alarm Monitoring

Whether you need monitoring services for commercial security or fire alarm systems or a home security system Benson Systems can help!

As a standard, Benson Systems offer monitoring services over the cellular systems. We also offer monitoring over high-speed Internet as well as land line phone networks.

With our newer systems, you’ll also have the ability to access your alarm system over the Internet, using your smart-phone.

Benson Systems Local Alarm Monitoring Brochure

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