Several months ago, Benson Systems entered the Air Duct Cleaning business and we began offering our Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA) to area medical facilities. Benson Systems ICRA, air quality testing and air duct cleaning services are helping medical centers reduce the chance of healthcare-associated infections.


If a medical facility is undergoing, or has undergone and type of construction work, they should take specific precautions based upon the classification of the location and severity of the construction, maintenance and renovations.


The Joint Commission 2010 standards not only require the use of an ICRA, but also specify that following the appropriate recommendations. Materials such as dust and allergens pose little risk to healthy individuals, but can cause severe problems for patients with compromised immune systems.


Environmental Controls, including barriers and HEPA filters, are an effective method for preventing the spread of potentially harmful particulates.


If you would like to know more about our commercial air duct cleaning service contact Ron Blondhei, at Benson Systems, 480-892-8688 Ext. 1146.





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