Access Control Systems Keep Your Building More Secure

Access control systems offer a company enhanced security during working hours and higher-level of security for company facilities after hours. An access control system can help a company stay in compliance with many federal and State regulations by limiting accessibility to certain areas only to authorized personnel.

Access control systems are about WHO, WHERE and WHEN.

WHO can enter the building?

WHERE can they go in the building?

WHEN can they enter these areas?


Cloud-Based or Traditional

Benson Systems offers hosted (cloud-based) as well as traditional access control systems. With cloud-based systems, there is no server or software to purchase. Administrators can manage the system over the Internet through a secure web-based portal. With traditional systems, every component is situated within a company’s building.

Access control system components can include traditional card readers, pin pad readers, and biometric readers. The systems can also assist with visitor management, personal identification (photo badging), gates, barriers, turnstiles, vaults, and safes.

Enhance Verification with Multi-Factor Authentication

For companies that want to increase their level of identity verification the deployment of biometrics, mobile credentialing, two-factor authentication, three-factor authentication, and event management (PSIM) are available.

Event data and monitoring logs from the system can be viewed through the network, and high-definition video cameras can aid in the verification process.

Benson Pro Services Group

Our professional security consultants are backed up by our in-house Benson Pro Services Group, a group of professional engineers and designers who have decades of experience designing, and installing the best access control systems for all types of business and enterprise clients. You can learn more about our Pro Services Group by clicking here.

Customers who have an interest in access control systems are also interested in video surveillance, or intrusion detection systems.

If you would like additional information on access control systems, please click here, or click on the Request More Information button on the right. Call  480-892-8688 or 1-855-339-9585.

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